Many features. Senior project!

There were numerous environments planned for the game. There is a thriving free-graphics community, so most of our artwork is sourced from artists who have put their graphics up for usage by the game development community. However, other graphics were developed by a friend named Wenyu Deng, who is an excellent artist. She created all of the character sprites depicted on this page.

The game engine also supports cutscenes. Any event which alerts the scripting engine is capable of redirecting to a cutscene. On the left, the player is approached by the town doctor as he attempts to exit the village. In the right, going near the bird will result in a cutscene in which the player remarks to himself that he must clear the obstacle.

I also began to embed VoyageShooter mechanics to depict combat in VoyageQuest. While we were not able to complete it, we learned more about the challenges of engineering the software to change contexts effectively.